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The Life Tree

The Life Tree could be the latest addition to A.P.J. Abdul Kalam's megabytes of fame. His twenty-six poems, originally composed in English, and/or translated in the Tamil original by Mani Darshi, fuse a formidable discourse, that is individual and public at the similar time. As the former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, whose excellence as a poet is currently established, notes inside the Foreword, President Abdul Kalam "has contributed invaluably to our country's progress in space research and defence technologies....He is also a sensitive and thoughtful poet. This confluence of scientific brilliance and poetic talent is truly exclusive." Inside the Life Tree, the scientist's vision intersects the poet's, as Abdul Kalam deciphers his own humble previous and relates it for the nation's wonderful future. Whilst the trigger of the nation dominates his consciousness, he presents a humanist view of his private, technological and social domains as 'mirror of your soul' to underscore resurgence of a potent Indian identity in the world.

The poet's aesthetic concentrate relates to nation creating, by way of a celebration of Indian science and technology, secular culture, human values, and love for nature. He asserts his conviction that the act of making, be it poetry, science or engineering, is a basic human capacity which must be nurtured. Integrative and interdisciplinary as his genius is, he maintains the dynamics of modifications at various levels and hyperlinks his consciousness to larger feelings, generating his poetry an instance in the standard urge in human beings to create aesthetic significance, merging arts, nature, and sciences.

APJ Abdul Kalam indicts unthinking, mindless adherence to fundamentalist, religious, casteist, and narrow social systems that disrupt harmonious connection. His poems of enjoy, faith and optimism within the Life Tree bespeak his innate humanity, selflessness and dedication for transforming Indian society. He seeks to ignite just about every soul with dream and passion that "will keep the lamp of know-how burning/To realize the vision - Created India." Abdul Kalam, the visionary scientist poet, is convinced:

"If we function and sweat for the wonderful vision with ignited mind,

The transformation leading to the birth

Of a vibrant, created India will come about."

And, this is his prayer as well.

He exploits the medium of poetry, articulating subjective experience and meaning, to make sure promotion of excellence with concentrate on 3 primary areas--education, investigation and performance--for emergence of a brand new Developed India. "We want to work for our nation/With our sweat enrich the great land of ours," asserts the poet. He assimilates new ideas from the modern sciences whilst embracing classic, spiritual and artistic aspects of human practical experience. He celebrates innovations and indigenous information just as he empathizes with the deprived and poor. click here for more info:LOVE TREES.